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Chain and Rigging's Accessories

Shackles, slings, nylon & polyester web slings, hooks, master links, hooks, trimbles, hook latch kits, clips, snatch blocks, tirfors, winches, swivel hoist rings, steel cables and more.

Load Testing and Repairs

Load cell and digital indicator immediately list the weight, forklift - 7.0 t capacity, hydraulic portico for load testing - 50 t capacity, traction machine - 800 t capacity, non destructive testing NDT in lifting eyes.

Hydrostatic Test and Maintenance

Chiksan hoses testing, test and repair in swivels, test and repair in sphere valves, test and repair in Lo Torc valves.



Manufacturing and Recertification of Steel Slings

The manufacturing and recertification of steel slings according the Brazilian rules from NBR 13.541 and IMO MSC/Circ.860 and they are marked with certification tag according to standard DNV 2.7-1 offshore containers.



Other Services

torquing, load cells' rent, machining services, welding and cutting’s services, maintenance of offshore containers, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, repair and painting of equipments.